Statamic Addon Development Course ⇒

I use Statamic to power this site. It is super powerful, flat-file CMS built on Laravel with a great community, great support and very accessible team members.

One of its great powers is that it is very extensible via Addons. I've written several free ones and one paid one.

In the Slack group I've both helped people write their own or done contract work to build what's needed.

There is a subset of people however, that would like to learn how to build addons themselves, but don't know how to start.

As I know how to build addons, and really enjoy coaching/teaching, I decided to create a series of courses to walk people through building the various different types of addons. My first, Addon Development 101 is in a couple of weeks.

You can register here:

I'm very excited to help people learn.

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My First Commercial Statamic Addon ⇒

For a while now I've been very involved in in the Slack community for my favourite CMS, Statamic. I've actually gotten some income from it, building custom addons for various people & companies.

In the last few months, I had several people pay me to build a membership component to their sites and that got me thinking that there might be enough interest to actually commercialize it.

I'm very pleased to announce Admission, a way to have paid memberships for your Statamic site. It requires the latest version of Statamic (2.1.2) and a Stripe account hooked up to your bank account (to get your $$$) but other than that it's pretty straight-forward.

I really enjoyed making it and hope that a few folks out there find it very useful.

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Site Update - Archives ⇒

Man, do I ever love Statamic and how easy it is to use.

I just added yearly and monthly archives. To get there, add the archives/year/month at the end of like this.

Was pretty easy once I figured out to use Routes and the since & until tags.

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Link Blogging: Step 1 ⇒

Continuing from yesterday's post, I have built a Statamic add-on that:

  1. polls my public Pinboard for any bookmark tagged 'lb'
  2. grabs the data
  3. creates special links posts here.

Pretty cool, eh? Next up is getting the site actually up with new design. Just gonna start with the link blog.

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